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Burley's Bundle

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Let's face it, sometimes our little opposable thumb-less friends need more than just one bowl in the house. That's where Burley's Bundle comes in. 

Paw-selected by Burley himself to give your pupper or cat-friend the VIP treatment they deserve with a 3-pack including:

  • Ice Lake No-Spill Water Bowl 
  • Yampa Basin Collapsible Dog Bowl
  • Slow Your Roll Feeder Bowl

Who is Burley? 

The pup, the myth, the legend. Chief Border Collie at Alpenglow Provisions and tennis ball extraordinaire loves backcountry jaunts through Berthoud Pass with his human, Peter, and never turns down the chance to turn on the jets in an open field. 

Why Burley loves it: 

  • Keeps water in the bowl (not on the floor) with the Ice Lake No-Spill Water Bowl 
  • Hydrate in the car, on a backcountry tour, or quench their thirst about town with the Yampa Basin Collapsible Water Bowl
  • Slows down food-inhalers and engages antsy eaters with the Slow Your Roll Slow Feeder Bowl