Alpenglow Provisions is an online pet supplies store based in Denver, Colorado. Founded on the belief that adventure is best shared with a furry sidekick, we are here to make sure pets everywhere are prepared for their next one.
  • Jordan

    Jordan moved to Colorado 12 years ago with a desire for one thing: those sweet, sweet Colorado mountains. He spends his time snowboarding, spending too much money on Red Rocks tickets, and adventures with his wife, Rachel and their German Shepard Husky, Luna, and Siberian Forest Cat, Ollie.

  • Peter

    Peter moved to Colorado in the Fall of 2017 to be closer to the mountains. He spends his time snowboarding, camping, hiking, and SUPing with his 5 year old border collie, Burley. He loves having such an active adventure partner.

  • Luna

    Chief Barking Officer. Luna is in charge of product R&D and customer service. She is 50% Husky, 50% German Shepard and 100% awesome. Her favorite things include meeting every dog at the dog park, husky tantrums, and belly scritches.

  • Burley

    The hype-man around the office, Burley never stops moving or lets his humans stop either. Lover of any type of active activity, this Border Collie has climbed mountains, swam in alpine lakes, sprinted down mountain bike tracks and cruised around on paddle boards. Burley is our Chief People Herder.